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Vaginoplasty is another procedure that has become very popular in the recent years. A vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that tightens the vagina. The primary purpose of this procedure is to return the vagina to its original state. This effect is achieved by tightening and repairing the surrounding soft tissues and muscles as well as removing excess vaginal lining.

During delivery of a baby, the vagina and surrounding tissues and muscles become stretched. After delivery, the vagina may return to a more “normal” size, but it often fails to return to its pre-pregnancy diameter. The more vaginal deliveries a woman has, the worse the condition may become. The most common complaint that we hear from our patients is decreased sensation and sexual satisfaction during intercourse. This is often due to a lack of friction. Kegel exercises are often recommended by OBGYNs but rarely succeed in restoring vaginal tightness to its pre-delivery state.

Most women who desire a vaginoplasty complain to their friends and doctors of feeling “loose.” Decreased friction during intercourse usually results in less enjoyment and more difficulty achieving orgasms. These two concerns are most common, and are serious enough to warrant vaginoplasty.

The major benefit of Vaginoplasty is that it will increase friction during intercourse. After surgery, the vaginal tightness is similar to the pre-delivery days. You will feel the difference right away and so will your partner. The closeness that you once felt will quickly be restored.

We have also had numerous patients who feel loose although they have never had children. On physical exams, we noticed that they did, in fact have a vaginal diameter that was greater than expected. Vaginoplasty surgery was recommended to these women as well.

The ultimate goal of Vaginoplasty is to reduce the diameter of the vagina, resulting in increased friction during intercourse. After undergoing this procedure, your sexual experiences will undoubtedly be more pleasurable for you and your partner.