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The hymen is a thin layer of tissue, a membrane that is usually intact in young virgin women, forming an obstruction to the entrance of the vagina. In some cultures, it is very significant for the hymen to be broken only after a woman gets married. Sometimes, surgery is essential to repair the hymen. This procedure is called hymen repair or hymenoplasty. We perform hymen repair procedures mostly for ethnic, cultural, or religious reasons.

Hymenoplasty generally takes about one to two hours, and you will be able to return to work the next day. Repairing the hymen consists of piecing together the remains by closing the tear. We recommend that this procedure is done as closely as possible to the date of your wedding. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia or sedation. Prior to surgery, you will be required to have a pre-surgical consultation with Dr. Raykhman.  You will also be asked to have a thorough gynecological examination with your OBGYN.

During your consultation, we ask that you communicate all your needs and expectations to Dr. Raykhman who will be able to educate you of the possible risks and benefits to hymenoplasty.